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Kimiko shrugged. She didn't care.

Coleen may have hated her deep down but she was being civil for the time being. Kimiko would return it, but she knew the potential for violence that bubbled beneath the surface of every encounter on the island. For their part Enzo stayed back, unwilling to venture any closer. It was as if Kimiko was a tiger, Enzo had been close to it once and they didn't need to experience it again. It was another hit to her humanity, not that it was unfounded. Kimiko was aware that she couldn't be trusted and could lash out when threatened.

She thought of Jasmine again, an innocent bystander who had been in the wrong place. Her target was Caedyn but Jasmine had spooked her and it had cost the girl her life. Thinking back on the event Kimiko couldn't say what the end goal of her plan was. She didn't know whether she planned on just robbing Caedyn or killing the girl as well. It didn't matter in the end; another person had died because of her own choices. But that was what Vanessa had been talking about, the need to commit.

Kimiko had a reason for what she was doing. She needed to remember that.

Still with Coleen in front of her Kimiko found herself considering what the girl was planning. There had to be a reason to approach her after all, it was obvious people saw her as a monster to be feared. Her encounter with Clarice had proven that. One of her best friends had been scared and disgusted at her very presence, for some of her classmates she had stopped being a person they knew and something that haunted their thoughts. How many of her old friends hunkered down in a safe place and dreaded seeing her?

Coleen looked away. It would have been to shoot her while she did so. But Kimiko didn't, she had no reason why she did. Maybe it was Enzo's presence. The only one of her classmates she had encountered who had treated her as a person not a monster. Maybe in a way she didn't want to let them down.

Kimiko's eyes darted to Enzo and then to the floor before refocusing back on Coleen.

Coleen said she wanted to talk and Kimiko's eyes again glided over to Enzo. She trusted Enzo.

Slowly, her eyes not leaving Coleen, Kimiko nodded.

They could talk.
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