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Oh jeez, that wasn't the reaction Fiyori had expected. Frankly, it wasn't a reaction Fiyori even wanted. Was her impression of a radio host that bad. Alternatively, that spot on? Of course it wasn't, and Fiyori knew that, but entertaining the thought lifted the mood a bit. At least for Fiyori.

Regardless, and without hesitation, Fiyori grabbed both of Alba's shoulders, her eyes trying to meet Alba's.

"Oh no no no. Don't say that, I am sorry."

Fiyori considered telling Alba... well, a lot if not everything. Mostly how after they got separated, Fiyori set out and left Brendan to find Alba. And really, how much she failed at that because she got distracted by Isabel and-

Was there somebody else nearby? Fiyori's ears perked up, and for a moment her attention shifted from Alba. No, just her imagination again.


"Do... uh, do you have an idea of where Brendan is, though?"
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