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((Emma Luz continued from Waiting for the End))

Did she do the right thing, leaving Serena, Alessio, and Matt? That was something she still didn’t know the answer to. Maybe it was for the best. Alessio was dangerous, Matt and Serena probably were. But it still gnawed at her. Someone could’ve died back there, if they didn’t already. She knew Alessio and Serena from orchestra, and, even if she didn’t know Matt that well, it’d still wouldn’t feel right if she’d left him to die.

“Whatever happens, happens,” she had repeated to herself a few times as she walked along the dirt path to the asylum.

It still felt slimy, even if it was necessary. It was like the thing with Kaitlyn way back when, in a way? With the food and water. Emma remembered how she felt taking things off Mabes’ body. She’d liked Mabes, even if she thought the whole drone thing was silly. But they’d done it, and it felt gross. It also felt gross in a similar way to the bird. Gross, but maybe necessary. Maybe.

It didn’t help that she left the bird in the fire, as well. Emma grimaced at the thought. That wasn’t good. It was food, and she’d wasted it. Maybe she should be more careful with fire in the future? Since it only took a few minutes before three different killers had shown up. Fire brought smoke, after all.

She’d decided to take shelter in the asylum for the evening. It was starting to get dark, anyways. Some time ago, Emma remembered thinking that there might be some supplies laying around. She wasn’t sure if it was good to dig in to canned food a decade old, but you never know what’s there. Again, if she had to take food off dead people again, she would do it.

Emma felt worse when she made it indoors. She’d taken her pills earlier, but she still felt dreadful. A few times she’d stumbled and tripped. Another time she dropped the sword. Maybe she’d been too energized earlier? She killed a bird, she dressed the meat, and she cooked it. She just… couldn’t finish it. Her stomach growled in reminder. It might have helped her a bit, to get some protein in her. She’d be less tired, at least.

She found herself in a more intact part of the asylum. By “intact,” she meant “not about to collapse on itself.” It still looked like things were going to fall on her head, just not as easily. Her feet dragged along, feeling heavy. A few times, it felt like she’d space out, only to find herself a few more feet ahead. Her head felt dizzy, like her brain had turned to slosh.

She needed a place to rest. Now. She knew that the trek up here didn’t make her feel good. Maybe she was hungry, maybe she was stressed, maybe it was, again, she was too energized earlier. But what was important was that she needed to lay down somewhere.

That thought was only supported when Emma saw more outlines of people, right in front of her as she turned a corner to the left. She stared for a minute, clutching her sword, before the people had turned their heads towards her. Then, they disappeared. Emma let herself blink for a few more minutes, then continued walking.

“They aren’t real,” she again whispered to herself.

A few more feet ahead, and Emma saw a set of double doors. There was a smell, too. It reminded her of Mabes. Maybe Lily, too. There were other times she’d smelled it, too, but it seemed almost normal nowadays. Was it weird to think that? Emma didn’t want to focus on it.

As she stepped towards the doors, the smell got stronger. Emma guessed that it came from a pile nearby, but she didn’t want to look at it for too long. She had an idea of what it was already, anyways. But, she wasn’t in any shape to take a close look right now. Even her fatigued brain knew that.

Emma stepped inside. It was dark, and she could see multiple long tables. She didn’t even think. Instead, she sat herself down at one, slamming the sword onto the table. The bag made two banging noises of its own: one when she dropped it next to her on the bench, the other when it fell to the ground a second later. Emma flinched at the second, before realizing her bag had fallen. For a moment, she considered picking it up. Instead, though, she sighed and closed her eyes.

A moment later, she let herself doze. Maybe she’d do so for a few minutes before looking around some.

In her fatigued state, Emma did not notice the posters in the room, nor did she notice the names carved into the wood further down the table. She hadn’t even fully realized that, intentionally or no, she ended up following Alessio’s instructions anyways.

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