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Nate watched Clarice without a word as she went through one of his few remaining water bottles. Naturally, he didn’t object, because Clarice obviously needed it more than he did. He probably wouldn't get through that much more water anyway, considering however much longer he had left.

He nodded in response to Clarice’s plans to leave, but didn’t reply immediately. He thought about what might happen, if he went with yet another person. Would he wander off again? Could he trust himself not to ditch Clarice when he felt like things were getting hard?

Maybe, maybe not. But that wasn’t why he decided not to follow her. There was still someone he had to meet, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to bring someone along with him. Maybe he didn’t want them to be put in harm’s way; maybe he just didn’t want to slow them down. He wasn’t sure why, but he could at least make his mind up.

“Thanks, but I’m going to look around here some more. I hope you find who you’re looking for, though.”

He offered her another smile. A sad one, as he thought about when they might next meet. Or rather, not.

“Stay safe?"
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