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Since all but one of my characters are dead now and we're into the top 20(!) I figured I might as well post here.

1. Cristo doesn't get swapped for Raina. I will probably never be certain that swapping Cristo on the first rolls was the best idea, and I guess the fact that I'm unsure about that and that I still have ideas for what I could have done with him speaks to the fact that I could get mileage out of him in a Second Chances Three or something. If he didn't die on the first day I was going to have him stick with Abby for moral support for a while (also Abby would have lived, sorry Paige) before deciding whether he was going to have a freak out and hurt somebody else or just self-destruct under pressure.

2. The other side of that, Raina dies early.

3. Raina does an escape plot that is actually kind of successful or at least gets herself/her allies blown up. This didn't end up working because I'm not knowledgeable enough about the necessary mechanics and once I joined staff it wasn't doable anyway because that would be cheating.

4. Raina blows somebody else up. Probably Darius or Johnny or something and quite possibly blowing a hand off and mortally wounding herself in the process.

5. Bridgette does something. When I initially took Bridgette over, I was planning to have her attempt to play, eventually throwing Bryony under the bus when she needed to distract a threat or score what she thought of as an easy kill. But then Astrid got rolled, soz.

6. GLD gets killed by Fiyori. This was my initial plan from before she was even rolled, but the in-character timing would have made it awkward and implausible.

7. GLD kills Fiyori. Riki made a suggestion to this effect after I first adopted GLD, though it probably never would have come to fruition even if Fiyori had gotten rolled since Frogue's basically only instruction was that he didn't want GLD to kill.

8. Min-jae kills like... a bunch of other people besides the ones he has actually killed. I've gotten rejected for several death offers this version (and no hard feelings, I don't want anyone to think I'm calling them out), which I imagine would have altered the course of his story a fair bit depending on who and when, if they had happened. Probably for the better that they didn't happen, since I didn't want him to become a straight player.

9. Min-jae meets Henry and probably has sad makeouts with him or something before Henry dies. Not being able to be there for Henry's death is a regret of mine from this version, though I'm happy with what it led to.

10. Min-jae-Brendan-Ty three way showdown. An idea I pitched to Paige and Primrosette before both Ty and Brendan got rolled, which we were unfortunately not able to carry out. The basic idea was for Jae and Ty to get into it before Jae spots Brendan and promptly throws him under the bus so Ty won't turn his face into hamburger.

11. Nathan (remember him?) goes to the island instead of Cristo. This was my initial plan during pregame before I decided I was having more fun writing Cristo and then I killed him on Day 1 anyway. Nathan being there might have led to a more cohesive Ballet Death Squad™ had I been able to put my plans for him into motion.

That's all I can think of right now but there's probably stuff I'm forgetting.
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