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((Blair Moore continued from Gran Torino))

Spotting Alba near the radio tower as she exited the depot was only the second-most absurd event for Blair, the most absurd being the encounter with Bart and Scout when she'd left the office.

Well, sort of. Their corpses, at least.

Blair had slept pretty soundly, having barred the door. She might have heard a couple of bangs and some thuds while she was sleeping last night, but it was hard to be sure, false memories and all. Either way, Bart had a few bullet holes in him, though Scout's COD was more uncertain. She had blood and shit on her mouth, and as best as Blair could guess she might've fallen down the stairs. But being less than enthusiastic about performing an impromptu autopsy, she decided to forget about it.

The disturbing but important part was that she wasn't sure how to feel about their deaths. Scout had been looking for someone, and now she would never find her. Bart had seemed like a sweet if strange and unkempt boy. If they'd been killed at home? Total tragedy. Here? It was just two people she didn't really know well laying dead on a floor, just like what must have been seventy other abductees by now. If anything the fact that they'd died without her being involved but still giving her access to their supplies was a boon.

Admittedly, Blair wasn't always the most empathetic person. She wasn't so unaware of her own actions to miss when she was nasty on occasion. At least, in retrospect, especially now. So going through the stuff carried by the duo didn't bother her too much anymore, but how hard would it have been in the first place? Blair didn't know. It seemed obvious that this island had made everyone on it more callous, more resilient, more cruel. To what degree, she couldn't guess. Perhaps it was best that way.

Blair now felt a little more secure in her food and water situation, though not by much. She'd taken Scout's MAC 10 which, with some test shots, seemed to be a handheld machine gun type of deal. Rene's gun went into her back pocket while she carried the MAC 10 in her hands. She also forced Sawlaska snugly into her bag, loaded with the sawblade. Noah had meant a lot more to her than she'd expected, after all. If she and Rene hadn't met with him, who knew where she'd be now. Dead, or worse.

Of course, on the way out of the depot she didn't make it very far in her aimless transit before spotting a familiar silhouette. Alba Reyes was alone, which struck Blair as odd. She honestly had no idea what Alba thought of her, but she didn't really care. Well, a part of her did, but another part was sensible enough to guess that a gunfight was not a good activity to engage in. Not if she wanted to live, of course, and by this point, what else was there?

She could see Alba standing in the doorway, and Blair approached slowly. Stealth was probably not a realistic option here, but it was worth a shot. Evesdropping might reveal something useful. And if Alba was talking to someone worth taking out, like Caedyn or Kimiko or Alessio (or any other big killers, but Blair's memory was shot at this point), it might be a good chance to hit-and-run. It was perhaps a little hypocritical to say that murderous crazies didn't deserve to make it home when that was still Blair's tentative plan, but whatever. She wasn't crazy, at least. Probably.

Anyway, back to trying to pick up any sound from what was going on in the tower. At least it was better than walking, her legs and chest and feet all ached to an extent and stamina was not one of her advantages.
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