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"It's-a-me, the one and only Fiyori. Here with my darlin' co-host Jenny who..."

...continued to say nothing, as Jennifer continued to be dead. Any other scenario would have been cause for serious concern.

Anyway, Fiyori jumped from the chair, the bag next to her falling on it's side as Fiyori bolted towards Alba.

"Now friends, we got ourselves some special guest here. A round of applause for femme phenomenal, Alba Reyes."

Fiyori clapped a bit, with due enthusiasm of course. When she stopped, she noted what she thought was confinement in Alba's face. Or maybe it was murderous rage, because suddenly Alba lunged forward and ripped Fiyori's hands off. And then suddenly she was here and there and left and right and everywhere and she reached for Fiyori and she tore her down bloody bit by bit.

...oh, was Fiyori going mad? No, impossible. That must've been her imagination.

"Seriously though, glad to see ya."
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