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And then he left too.

Leaving Jordan for the first time, completely, properly, alone.

From moment one, it had been him and Hazel. Through whatever insanity this island threw at them, it was the one thing he really enjoyed.

And yet, he couldn't say anything more. That was all he could say. Sorry.

As if that meant anything to anyone at any time.

God, he barely even knew how he felt about her, and her dying right now only fragmented his thoughts even further. How much of it was the fear? The sense of shared comraderie in the face of death? How much of his thoughts of her were being rewritten by this new undeniable fact?

How much was he lying to himself when he said he was sorry?

They had been together almost a week. Over a week?

He suddenly wasn't sure what day it was anymore, and he shouldn't even be caring about that given what was right in front of him.

And he was freaking out even more because he had no idea how long he'd already been here.

It was frustrating, how it felt as if Hazel dying was somehow the lesser of the problems in his head. It wasn't. It couldn't be.

Taking several unsteady steps, Jordan started moving away from her.

He didn't know where he was going.

He didn't know why.

He just walked.

((Jordan Green continued in In Cups of Coffee, In Strife))
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