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“I… yeah. I really do,” Clarice croaked, as she watched the vomit dissolve into the water at their feet, quickly becoming indistinguishable.

Over the next few minutes she ended up draining the bottle. In contrast to the disgusting, sludgy water she’d been drinking earlier, the warm bottled water felt like the most wonderful, godly liquid that had ever touched her lips. Water that, off the island, would have needed to be stuck in the fridge for a bit before it was refreshing again. Perspective was funny like that.

She did feel a little better. Even if there was still that part of her screaming that she was a moron, that she had no plan, that she might have very well killed Kizi… well, at least she was hydrated. She didn’t want to puke anymore, and her mouth didn’t taste like mushrooms and mud.

She’d take what little victories she could get at this stage.

“Thanks,” she finally said again. She looked at the now empty bottle. “...Shit, didn’t mean to drink the whole thing.”

She put the empty bottle in her bag. Nate seemed to have enough water on him for now, and maybe there was somewhere she could fill the bottle up. Somewhere that at least wasn’t the horrific mess this area was.

“I… I’ve got some people to find, and this room ain’t getting any better. I’m gonna get going. You’re free to follow, but… well, it’s up to you. Can’t promise I’m going anywhere good.”
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