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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from This Is The End Of His Story))

Here she was at the Radio Tower again. Alba wasn't sure why she wandered over here after leaving the asylum. Maybe it was because it was a familiar part of her time here, but at this point, she was just glad to be out of the asylum. She had no clue who would be here, if anyone was. At the very least, she knew that dumb Jenny CD was still here in that CD player. Maybe some Jennifer Lopez would cheer her up.

Alba sighed. Brendan had only been dead a few hours by now, and she wasn't sure if anything could make her feel better. Her best friend was dead, and the game was coming close to the end. Everyone was probably on alert and more willing to kill. The thoughts were painful for Alba to consider, but with less than thirty people left, it was more than likely. Alba had spent most of her time walking crying and sniffling.

She clutched the rifle as she approached the tower. She could believe that Bryony or Jon could be here since they knew about the tower. Hell, maybe it was Candice, who she hadn't seen in days. Alba stepped up to the tower, then slowly pushed the door open.

Her eyes widened.

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