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Nobody Caedyn cared about had ever died before. Sure, some distant relatives, a grandmother when she was young, friends here on the island, but as callous as it was she couldn't pretend she cared about any of those people. She hadn't lost a moment of sleep over them, or thought about any of them unless someone else made her. The list of people Caedyn honestly cared about suddenly felt terrifyingly small.

No, that wasn't quite right. It wasn't small. It was empty. Jazzy was it. Despite all her fear and selfishness there was one person here that she never, ever would have intentionally hurt, and she was gone. Nobody else mattered.

A more reasonable mind might have questioned these conclusions. Perhaps considered that her emotions might be reading more into their relationship than ever existed in reality, and that she shouldn't make any rash decisions in her current state. It might have taken time to mourn, or said a few words for Jasmine and her parents, or at least been cautious as she moved on.

Caedyn and reason rarely intersected. With tears streaming down her scowling face she shouldered her bag, gripped her gun and Jazzy's sword until her knuckles went white, and stalked out of the room.

The Cassowary was going to hunt.

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