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"Thank you, Matt. That's what my thoughts are, exactly."

Serena was getting inappropiately emotional in this situation. But who was he to judge?

Either way, Matt being on his side felt good. Serena pointing her gun at him was not good at all, though.

"Serena, I didn't do shit." A lie. "You have no idea what it's like. Just leave me alone. Why would you trust the man who abducted us with his words more than me, your friend?"

Al's voice was getting unstable. He then began to look at Matt.

"Please, Matt, help me."

Al closed his eyes, afraid of getting shot by Serena, Matt or both. Pulled out his gun and threw it at Matt's feet. He could hear the gun falling into the sand, then he opened his eyes again and was still alive. Then he quickly grabbed some sand and threw it at Serena. Then he added a punch to her face.
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