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Can you hear me?
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They weren’t really paying attention to her.

Alessio just muttered a token “see you.” Serena, however… just went on this rant. Apparently Alessio had been with her before he started killing? Apparently, she saw Aiden (Slattery?) die? Emma didn’t know. Then Matt kind of put out this insincere apology, and went on to go on a rant of his own, about how Serena wasn’t the only one abducted or something. It didn’t help that he was smiling.

For another moment, Emma’s eyes darted between the three again. Then, she took a hesitant step forward. She knew what she could do intuitively. She could defuse whatever was going on, make sure it de-escalates. De-escalation wasn’t that difficult, was it? Hear all sides out, try not to judge, offer alternatives if possible.

But she didn’t take another step forward. She did try to open her mouth, but no words came out. Instead, she closed it. Emma took another moment to look at the three killers. Serena had the gun on Alessio, Matt had the gun on her.

Another deep breath.

“Whatever happens, happens,” she whispered to herself.

It wasn’t worth it. They were going to argue and fight and kill each other no matter what. It didn’t matter if Emma was here or not. Was it? She didn’t know about that either. Just that she might do what she said after all. It was probably best if she wanted to continue life without a bullet wound.

She turned around, and started walking away. For a moment, she looked back. Still arguing, still pointing guns.

Then she looked forward, and stepped away. The smell of burnt wood and cooked bird hung in the air as she walked along the cove, only to slowly fade away.

((Emma Luz continued in Late to the Party))

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