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Coleen's eyes zoned in on the gun Kimiko was holding, and no attempt was made to disguise or conceal her glance nor her concerned expression. The odds of pitting a spear against a gun seemed reasonably apparent, and it was not a game of chance that put the odds in her favor. If she was thinking of killing Kimiko, perhaps she'd consider herself to have a much better chance at it if she weren't dealing with somebody experienced and already proven to be quite competent at the task. Kimiko had shown up on the announcement enough times to make the point.

"Relax..." Coleen breathed. "Nobody's doing anything stupid. We're just watching the sunrise, right?" She raised her chin, directing the latter part of the comment Kimiko's way. "It's early. Did you get any sleep, or are you like us and just having the worst morning ever?" She offered an empathetic smile. "Do you mind if I come onto the docks with you? I'll, like, stay out of cuddling range, I just want to talk to you a little easier."

She made a bit of a dare, but it was a show of good faith more than anything when she averted her eyes away from Kimiko and instead looked at Enzo.

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