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Kimiko heard the voice and let her hand slip down off to railing to rest on the gun before turning around to face the source. She recognized Coleen from somewhere, perhaps she had been present when Bradley had died? Kimiko couldn't say for sure. The other person that was hanging around behind the girl with a burned face was someone Kimiko knew. She had spoken to Enzo a few days ago, it had been after she had her encounter with Isabel. Kimiko could remember most of the conversation. It had covered their fears and doubts about their time on the island. Kimiko had decided to let Enzo live though, a mercy she hadn't extended to Ty despite the meetings being more similar than she had first considered.

Kimiko watched with eyes narrow. She recognized the spear in Coleen's hands. It was the one she had used on Bradley. She thought she wouldn't have been able to bear looking at it but she didn't feel anything seeing it in. There was just nothing. She was supposed to feel something wasn't she? She had felt guilty after it happened but now...

Kimiko raised her free hand in greeting but didn't offer anything more.

She didn't know what to expect and wasn't prepared to give the girl any opportunity to surprise her.
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