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That was incredibly unhelpful.

As far as Fiyori was concerned, she was now just as well informed as she was five minutes ago. Ah well, bread and butter by the fishes, or however that one saying went. She shouldn't the one to expect too much here. She'd meet again with Ty and Brendan, Fiyori knew, soon enough, and she wouldn't need to bugger Keith with that.

Fiyori jumped off the bench, dust whirling from the ground as it was hit by her feet. She stabilized herself a bit, shifted around her weight a bit until she found a comfortable position. A look around the chapel.

"You're not really good at this conversation thing."

She turned around, to the exit, and with small but steady steps she went away. But not before she would turn around once more and look at Keith.

"Well then, farewell. I hope your last days won't be too bad."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued elsewhere]]
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