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“If heaven is fussy enough that you can’t get in? Then it probably ain’t fucking worth it to begin with. But… yeah. I getcha.”

Death was fuckin’ scary. That’s really all there was to it. There were worse things, but those things were known. Death was scary because… well, what the fuck happens?

Nate asked if there was anything she wanted to do. She felt like there was. But it all seemed the start of plans with no details as to what she’d actually do once she completed step one.

Find Scout, and then…? Or find Ty, and then…? Find Kimiko, and then…? Did she try to make one of them win? Could she subject them to something that she’d personally deemed worse than death? Or did it not matter, if it was what they wanted? Scout and Kimiko, in particular, they’d killed. They had to want to be the lucky one. Did she get Scout back home? So that her dad and Debbie wouldn’t lose both daughters in one swoop?

Or did she keep going? Try and be the last standing herself, so that when the terrorists came to take her back home… that maybe she’d be able to do something, with them right in front of her. Worse than death, to be that lucky. And everyone else would have to die. But it was an option. A horrible, desperate option, but an option nonetheless.

She tried to vocalize something. One of her potential plans. But every time she thought about what to do, tried to detail it out, her mind went blank with everything but panic. Panic and nausea, that without coherent thoughts or plans was starting to seethe again, and this time it was rising.

“...I wanna throw up,” Clarice choked out.

A moment later, she did so. Coughing up what mostly amounted to sludgy water. That probably wasn’t the answer that Nate wanted to hear, but it was really all she had.
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