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That was a lot of (pretty, eloquent, how the hell was she able to talk like that) words for Asuka to say that she was, basically, sad and lonely. She was throwing out too many concepts at once for Cass to really wrap their head around them all, but that at least they got. That much they could understand and still ultimately not know what the hell to do with that information since, not matter what either of them thought the cause was, they were both deep in the same pit of numbness and uncertainty and if Cass had any idea how to handle that state of existence they'd... probably be in the same place, just kinda more okay with it.

Whatever. Hugs. Hugs were simple, and they had low-key and then high-key and then desperately been longing for one in the seven days they had been on the island, and though the atmosphere in the room was still vague and awkward, they knew that not letting go of Asuka was probably the first unambiguously good decision they'd been able to make in a while.

"...You can stay as long as you want. I don't mind," Cass said. "I'm not good with words, or- or much, but I'm not gonna leave you if you don't want me to, alright? I-I might not know what to say about anything, but I'll, uh, try. I'll try." Uncertain as their delivery was, their words were sincere.

((Even though the two melancholic wrecks would eventually have to separate from their hug, they remained together.))
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