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The explanations made sense, although she could very easily lie and he had no way to verify if she was or not. He wanted to believe she was sincere. Helping someone with good intentions would be better than being a useless lump, right?

He sighed.

"Haven't seen the first two, sorry."

He wasn't really feeling sorry about it. Besides, why she would apologize to someone who had murdered more than she had was a mystery to him. It's not like you could kill that many people in self-defense.

"Ty, well, Ty ran off a couple days ago." Was it a couple days? Keith was pretty sure it was, but it seemed like all the days were running together at this point. He thought that a week and a half on the island sounded right, but he wasn't entirely sure. Listening to the next announcement to hear if they mentioned it would be a good idea.

"We were in the asylum," he muttered absentmindedly.
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