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"Yeah, me too. Let's leave."

So much for his grand little dreams. Spend a few days lunging around with a pretty girl, waiting for the end and 'though he got his chill and he got his girl all Johnny felt was terrible.

The bunch of bodies around - including Penny's - and the sight and smell of Raina's vomit wasn't exactly doing their best to make this place as appealing as it could be. And now? Well, it got something worse than any corpse or any bodily liquid.

It was a bad memory.

And like most people, he had wished he could just forget it.

Johnny raised from his position near the floor, looking at Raina. It was cold, and though he had noticed it duly, he had not yet experienced until that moment. Weird, his hand wasn't really hurting anymore. And yet it didn't seem like he could move it.

He held it out for Raina.

[[Johnny McKay, continued elsewhere]]
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