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Null sheen.
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((Enzo continued from Ye Not))

"We met before. Talked, even. I mean, that was before she did other stuff but—well, it still didn't get violent. That should count for something."

They put their hands on their hips and kind of shrugged. It probably really didn't count for very much, honestly. When degrees of counting came in, this was like, a microcount.

Enzo didn't like where this was going; not their line of thought and not what Coleen seemed to have on her own mind. There had to better things to do than what amounted to surely provoking Kimiko.

"Hey, c'mon, let's be smart about this-" welp nope too late Coleen was already ploughing on off ahead.

Tch, hard to know what was going on in that head. In anyone's. They just knew that creeping unease was the very least of their worries just now.

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