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And just like that, Alba was all alone again. Only this time, there wasn't the hope of finding Brendan or her other friends again. Jon was on good terms with her, but since he echoed back the same promise she made Brendan, that told her that things likely wouldn't end as well. Jon was going after Jae, but she had no idea if he'd come back alive or sane. Alba hung her head low. It was all falling apart, and there was nothing she could really do right now.

Well, there was the matter of Brendan's body. Even though Jon covered Brendan's face, it still felt weird to leave him on the floor. Alba walked over to the nearby bed and pulled the sheets off. Then, with some struggle, she dragged Brendan up onto the bed. The sweatshirt fell off, and the object Jon put in Brendan's hand also fell. Alba would collect them in a moment, but there was still something else to deal with first.

Her eyes moved down Brendan's body towards the bolt in his chest. Even if she covered him, this would still be in his chest. She wouldn't let that stand. Alba walked closer and put one hand around the bolt. She put the other on Brendan's chest, putting the shaft of the bolt between her fingers. She breathed in and out.

"Sorry," she said before pulling as hard as she could.

The bolt came out of his chest, and she curled her second hand so it was also curled around the bolt. The hole in his chest started to bleed out a bit. Alba grimaced, but turned away from it. She laid the bolt on Brendan's torso, then folded his arms over it so his arms were crossed over his chest. She didn't really have a use for the bolt, and she figured it would be better left with Brendan. After making sure his eyes were closed, she then covered his body with the blanket.

She then picked up the sweatshirt off the floor and took a few seconds to fold it. She laid it on top of Brendan's body where the blood from his chest would was starting to stain the blanket. It was kind of creepy to see it forming, and she figured the sweatshirt could obscure it a bit. She then noticed the other item on the ground, and picked it up.

It was a tape recorder. Alba had seen these on TV, but never used one before. Jon had spoken into it before he left, so maybe she could say something as well. She studied the buttons on the device, then figured out how to make it start recording.

"Um...hi..." she began.

She quickly looked back at Brendan's body on the bed, then back to the recorder.

"My name is Alba Reyes. The body here is Brendan Harte. I don't know who is going to listen to this, but please know that, although Brendan made a lot of mistakes, he was a good person. I know you may not believe that, but trust me. As someone who was here when Jae killed him, I saw that he was conflicted and sorry for everything he did."

"I don't know what's going to happen to me now, but if I don't make it, please find Brendan's family and my family, and please tell them we loved them so dearly. Please tell Brendan's family that his best friend tried her best to help him, but it wasn't enough. Please tell my family I'm sorry for what I did here, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to come home."

"Please do this for us, and I'll be so grateful. Goodbye."

Alba stopped recording. She laid the recorder on top of the sweatshirt and stared at Brendan's body.

"Goodbye, Brendan. Thanks for everything."

She blew a kiss at his body, then grabbed her stuff before heading out into the hall. She went the opposite way from where Jon and Jae went. She knew there would be trouble if she went that way, and right now, Alba just wanted some time alone.

((Alba Reyes continued in Origin of Symmetry))
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