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"Oh geez..."

((Coleen Reagan continued from Ye Not))

Coleen breathed the words as a mix of disappointment, frustration, maybe just a touch of resignation dashed onto a spot of hope. So they'd finally found the infamous Kimiko Kao, a name that had been coming across the announcements for a long while. What's more, the two of them had never really talked... for obvious reasons, naturally, giving her little bearing to assess Kimiko's personality, her cues, anything like that. No telling what somebody like her might do.

The last time Coleen had seen Kimiko, she killed Bradley. She killed him with the very same spear that Coleen had clutched in her hands, just as a measure of safety and protection. The rifle on her person would have been the better option and she knew it, but it also stood as the more threatening weapon to be holding and there was a chance, just a small one, that perhaps this encounter would go okay.

"Wait here for just a second. Okay?" Coleen asked Enzo. "I'm not going to get super close to her or anything." The sun hadn't even fully come up over the waves yet, and much of the bridge in the distance was doused in fog. It was a view similar to the one several days ago... how many was it now, Coleen wondered to herself. The days had long since stopped being distinct and separate, a phenomenon not helped by staying cooped up in that rotten building for more than one sunrise. At least here, there was some fresh air. A body or two scattered along the water's edge that the two of them had passed, but with open enough space that at least they were spared the smell or a closer look.

Coleen took one hand off the spear and raised it in a wave, her feet still short of stepping on the docks where Kimiko was hanging out. "Hello? Uh... over here?"
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