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Did it count as taking a stand, if all you were looking to do was go along with someone?

Enzo wanted to keep Coleen from being harmed. They liked her and they owed it to Brady and BB and Cameron, and even Vanessa, really. But for all that they had a knife sitting in their pack, the idea of actually coming out with it and hurting, killing someone else—could they bring themselves to do that, even for Coleen's sake?

The longer this went on, the more vain a hope 'holding out' became. How much of it was being moral, and how much of it was clinging to the option that kidded them out of making any hard choices?

They didn't want to. Straight up. If they could have an ordinary conversation with Kimiko, then there had to be something more to this, right? There had to be another way...

"I feel that," was what they said out loud. "Let's mosey, Goomba."

((Enzo continued in Empyrean))
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