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She couldn't help it, but she did feel a bit of irritation. There she went out of her way to give this poor dude food and keep him some friendly company, and all she got in return was this rude and dry response.

Fiyori chuckled. For a moment there, she forgot she was a known murderer.

"Well, let's see. Blair got rid of a problem for me and I want to say thanks. Brendan is someone I gotta say sorry to."

She'd have, at some other time, added that he'd have to apologize for killing Bee in anger. But then Fiyori realized that she lost the moral high ground there. Lost it, in the meaning of taking a heartfelt leap of it into the abyss.

Oh well.

"As for Ty... well, simply put, I gotta find him and make sure he'll live."
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