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“Well… then.”

Ask a risky question, get a sarcastic answer. Emma still doubted Alessio was even being truthful. There had to be something at the cafeteria for him to tell her to go there, but what, she didn’t know. It had to have been a trick of some kind. A trap, maybe? Who knew? Regardless of his reasoning, it wasn’t safe to stick around, and it probably wasn’t to go to the cafeteria.

The smell of cooked seagull meat still hovered in the air, like a strong perfume with an odd scent. For a moment, Emma wasn’t sure if it was worth it to take the bird with her. It was obviously cooking, but it might not have been a good idea to take the time to pull a greasy, hot object away from the fire while a killer was right nearby.

Something, someone else pressed the issue. Emma heard footsteps in sand a second time, and, before she knew it, Serena Waters had shown up with a gun of her own. Wasn’t she a killer, too? She killed someone with a jeep, of all things. Well, this just kept getting better, she guessed. Even if she weren’t, she had that gun pointed at Alessio.

Emma took another step backwards, hoping to get away from whatever was going to happen with Serena and Alessio. And, like magic, a third person had shown up. Emma knew who Matt Moradi was. He was kind of this abrasive person who played tabletop games. And, he was also a killer with a gun. Maybe all the fire and smoke attracted them. She wasn’t sure.

One more deep breath. She could still smell the bird cooking. Another step backwards. Her eyes darted between Alessio, then Serena, then Matt, then the seagull, then back to Alessio. Once again, without realizing it, her sword, as heavy as it was, had been slightly raised.

“Right… I’m… I think I’m leaving.”

She still tried to make herself appear confident. Her face needed to be serious, her posture needed to be as straight as she could make it. Still vulnerable, but it was good to try not to give that impression. After all, they had guns, she had a sword. Might make things a little trickier.

A few more steps backwards. She knew it was common sense to turn the other way, to run far away from them as possible and to find somewhere to hide. And yet, she kept stepping backwards, away from them and the fire.

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