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Nate shook his head with more conviction than he had about anything in recent times.

“I don’t want to be that person. Maybe it’s weird, but I feel bad for them, whoever does make it to the end.”

Yeah, they’d get to live, and that was enviable, but it was just as he told Matt: what was the point? After everything they’d have seen, must have done, would it be worth it? Could they just go back to normal? Nate couldn’t imagine so.

“I get wanting to live, not wanting to be a loser, but I don’t think anything can go back to normal anymore, you know? If you went home, you wouldn't be the same person, and I don't think people could just walk away from it either."

"I think I'd rather go to Heaven from here, instead of going to that hell.”

He smiled again, still awkward and small. He wasn’t quite sure where it was coming from.

“I’m not ok with having to die, but I’ve accepted it.” He shuffled in his seat, smile wavering a little, but not entirely. “I was actually close to doing it myself.”
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