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Jon had to think about it, actually. He'd hurt too many people, and now he was going out there to do it again. Sure, the one he was going after would deserve it, but what about the others? Someone in the wrong time and place getting between him and Jae? Jon knew this wasn't like before, he wouldn't just stop just because someone else got killed. He knew he would hunt Jae to each end of the island to kill him, and to kill anyone who tried to stop him. Good people, people like Alba might get killed.

"Just promise me, if I go to far, that you'll stop me."

Jon took the time to look Alba in the eyes one last time.

"I hope if we see each other again, that I'm still me."

Jon turned around and looked down the hallway. Jae couldn't have gone far.

"Goodbye, Alba."

When Jon put the mask back on, he realized that Min Jae couldn't have gone far enough to get away from him.

((Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))
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