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can confirm that ciel's a cool dude

re: my previous messages

I actually haven't posted anything rude. My posts which were meant to help were not meant to be unhelpful and unhealthy, and saying that all of my posts were useless is absolutely insulting to me. I've spent much time to write my posts, to try to solve this conflict/problem with my experience and to give thoughts and arguments on this issue so people can agree/disagree. That's part of a discussion.

None of my posts were meant rude, this thread was civil imo. I have never insulted anyone, I don't think this thread was unhealthy. There was an issue, and we talked about it. I know SOTF isn't used to it since it's not having as many problems as other communities, but it's a legit thing to do.

Also, I'd like to point out publically that I've been unrespectully treated for stating my civil points in this thread which I don't find is okay at all. Everyone who states their opinion on topics should have the right to do so. I have never been hostile. I appreciate having the feedback that you read my posts as hostile, but...I have never been hostile.

I have never been hostile.

Look at this sentence. It probably looks hostile to you because I used punctuations. Now, read it the way it really was meant to be written. Now suddenly it's alright. Magic~

I will not say that it's all a misunderstanding and it doesn't excuse my wall of texts and my frequency of postings, but judging me automatically, because you already know me and don't know me in rationally argumenting, is not a fair thing. I don't think I've been treated fairly. This has not been the first time you guys interpreted me more hostile than I really was, and I've always, always tried to improve my tone, because it's my fault in the end, but conflicts like these just hurt me. If someone else had been saying the same thing and is already known for their harsh tone, it's alright. But when I do it, it's not.

And no, I don't blame anyone. I just want to say that this conflict is conflicting me.

Again, I'd like to point out that I've said nothing uncivil and I stand by that. So the statement that 'this thread has passed the point of civil' is simply false. Prove me wrong, if that's the case. I will be able to say that I've been in the right. Why? Because I read my posts before posting them.
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