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Fiyori put her palm to her chin, and looked contemplatively at her own legs, on which her arm was also resting.

"I disagree."

Not by a large margin, to be completely fair. Keith talked about the loss so many of the alive suffered, but that wasn't exactly what Fiyori was talking about. Regardless of that, it would not be unthinkable to think that they are truly monsters out there on the island. People, for whom every corpse is a further step in going home. Or people like Isabel, perhaps more or less subtle in what they are doing.

She noted that Keith has yet to eat the bar. She figured he'd wait until she was gone.

"You know, speaking of it, I was hoping you could help me."

Fiyori started looking around the chapel. The place at which she had planned to rendezvous with Brendan days ago. It had been troublesome to find it at first, but Fiyori had no idea why. It wasn't that difficult to find, though perhaps that was the perfect vision of hindsight speaking. And Fiyori wasn't really acquainted with perfect vision. Or listening to her feelings of hindsight.

That was just always so frustrating.

"Brendan Harte. Blair Moore. Tyler Yazzie.

"These are the three people I am looking for, can you point me to any of them?"

She waited a moment, unsure whether to add what she would ultimately add.

"If you've met them, and can tell me about the condition, that would be fine too."
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