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The girl who dreams on the back of a giant space turtle.
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Penelope laid there, opening her eyes briefly, only to continue to be greeted by darkness.

The pain was starting to fade away, which was nice.

She just needed to keep feeling Raina squeeze her hand, know her friend was still there. No more words needed to be spoken between them. She just had to wait for oblivion to take her. Panic was receding, a weird kind of serenity taking over her. In her life, she defined herself by the people that she kept as friends. There was really no better way for her to die than with her friends, pain slowly fading away.

Her body trembled, and tension left the muscles in her arm. She numbly felt her hand slip out of Raina's grasp, a light sensation presumably signalling that her hand hit the floor following shortly after.

She waited to feel her friend pick up her hand again, only to feel nothing.

"H-Hey... R-Raina... p-pick up my hand again... p-please."
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