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The girl who dreams on the back of a giant space turtle.
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Penelope wasn't alone, Raina was still there, with her.

She was blind and deaf, but at least she wasn't going to die alone.

She tried to speak again, her voice weaker than before, her words more slurred. "I'm... sorry, Raina... I'm s-so s-sorry... I f-fucked up and n-now... now you have to c-clean up the m-mess."

She gasped for air, breathing more difficult than it had ever been in her life. "I-I tried to s-soften the blow, keep conversation g-going for as long as... as possible, but now I can't... a-all I can do is t-talk while... while you l-listen."

She was afraid, she was in full blown panic mode, if she had any strength left in her muscles she would be blindly thrashing and running around the room, trying to shake off the torrential, overwhelming emotions that were washing over her.

But she couldn't move, she could barely speak. She was locked in until she finally died, finally stopped thinking forever. Locked in until she returned to the oblivion that she had come from originally.

Just one final request, for her best friend in the whole world. "R-Raina... d-don't cry for me... I don't w-want you to cry. J-Just stay with me, so I d-don't have to die a-alone. If... if you can do that f-for me, maybe dying w-won't be that bad..."
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