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A crushing wall of silence and a gentle ringing noise were the only answers Penelope received to her question.

She began to open her mouth to call out again, only to stop when she felt her hand be squeezed. Raina was still there, right next to her.

But if Raina was still there, then why wasn't she answering?

"R-Raina?" She spoke, moving her vocal cords, forcing air out of her lungs, but no sound came out.

She continued trying to speak, her words slurring themselves because she could no longer hear them. "R-Raina? Are y-you saying things? Am I s-saying things?"

She heard nothing but silence, the silence threatening to overwhelm and crush the life out of her. She began hyperventilating, only to stop herself as her breathing grew even more painful. She wanted to cry, to let panic take over her completely, but no more tears would come out.

"Raina h-have I–have I g-gone deaf too? P-Please say something, or s-squeeze my hand again. P-Please let me know y-you're still there."
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