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Clarice grimaced at Nate’s talk about Ben and Alvaro. That was some rough shit. It reminded her of Jennifer and Nancy. Clarice’s form of comfort came in a short, awkward pat on the shoulder.

“...That sucks. Honestly, though? I don’t think running is much to be ashamed about.” Clarice stared at the water and breathed in the corpse smell. “Between flight or fight, in this shitty game? I’d say running from this shit is a lot better than going for it. And if this guy had a gun, what were you going to do anyway?”

Clarice could have shot Nancy. She didn’t. ...She didn’t regret that, though.

“Yeah. It’s weird, huh? So many bodies, so many names… and I’ve seen almost none of it. I… I dunno. I guess avoiding shit is lucky, but at the same time I’m going crazy just sitting around, hearing friends turn up on the announcements, and waiting for that end to catch up with me.”

Maybe it never would. Maybe the itch digging in her shoulder would get her first. Was that better or worse?

Clarice could taste grittiness in her mouth, dirt from the tub, and she pulled together what saliva she could and spat a good portion of it into the water below. The taste didn’t seem as bad as it had minutes ago, but the moment she thought about it the nausea started to rise again. So she kept rambling, because focusing on words was better than puking all over Nate.

“I mean… we know how this all ends. And the only difference is what those fuckers see.” She jerked her head at the camera in the corner of the room. “And who’s the ‘lucky’ person who gets to live with what happened when its all done.”

Clarice took a moment to examine the bandages as Nate finished wrapping them. She didn’t know enough to know if it was a professional job or not—as professional as the island got, anyway—but it was enough. Miles better than what Clarice could have managed on her own. She examined the bandages, then eyed Nate.

“Are you hoping to be that lucky, Nate?” The tone wasn’t accusatory. Just curious.
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