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“Something like that, I guess.”

He let out an awkward chuckle, whilst continuing to work on Clarice’s shoulder, apparently a bloody reminder of how his friend from drama had gone into the dramatic deep end. If she’d been doing that from day one, well, maybe he was lucky to have not met her.

He frowned, uncomfortable with that thought. Maybe he could have talked her out of it, if she’d seen a friend, or at least a familiar face. Maybe if someone had given her some reassurance, someone like him, more people would be around by now.

Because he had such a good track record with that by now.

“I did meet Alvaro, a few days ago. It was actually right in here. Me and Ben and Matt,” he frowned again, decided not to talk about Matt right now “we were looking for stuff, then Alvaro showed up and pulled a gun on us.”

He continued working on Clarice's shoulder, fumbling with bandages and being as gentle as he could. It was easier to tell the story if he didn't make eye contact, so he focused on what he was doing instead.

“Ben pulled me out of the way when I tried to talk to Alvaro, and I didn’t get shot cause of that. But, well, I ran away, and now Ben and Alvaro are dead.”

He offered Clarice a weary smile, because by now it was just the simple truth and nothing more. There were still signs of guilt lingering on his look, and there probably always would be, but at least he could keep a straight face this time.

"Now that you mention it though, I guess that's the only time someone's tried so far."

He stopped what he was doing, for just a moment. He hadn't thought about that until just now.
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