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“Nancy got me with her axe on Day 1. I tried grabbing her arm to stop her leaving—didn’t mean to scare her or anything, just wanted her to hear me out—and this happened.” Clarice adjusted her feet, since one of them was getting pins and needles. “That wasn’t… wasn’t even the shittiest thing that happened that day, but damn if it didn’t tell me how stupid gathering everyone at one point of the island would be.”

Could have been better, with a safe place and rules to follow. Could have been better if it was done Kizi’s way. But no. Clarice burned that down. Burned it down because of one bad day telling her that strangers and acquaintances couldn’t be trusted.

Clarice glanced at the wound, which was now unwrapped, and instantly looked away. It wasn’t looking great. She could see pus leaking from it and the wound was still red and itchy. Still, that pus was clear and the wound didn’t smell corpsy. Even with her limited knowledge, that was something.

She eyed Nate for a moment, partially in an attempt to not look too closely at her arm.

“You don’t look hurt. Got lucky, huh?”
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