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At this point, Ciel contacted MurderWeasel to claim that staff had unfairly declared his character inactive without giving him a chance to appeal.
I never made such a claim. I have said nothing that even remotely approaches "Staff didn't give me a chance to appeal". Not once. Not in this thread, not in public chat, not in private messages to Toben.

I explained the situation to MurderWeasel, including the events leading up to the terminal inactivity. I did this solely as a way to vent my frustrations not only about the on-site matter but also real life circumstances I've been going through over the past six months. I knew that Toben would at least understand and perhaps give me an alternative point of view on the situation.

Instead MurderWeasel took issue with the fact that staff revoked an official decision. That is why this thread exists. Honestly, even if I was willing to let things lie and not openly pursued this line of discourse, I have a feeling Toben would have gone ahead and made this thread anyway.

Staff Post
Immediately after receiving his notice, Ciel messaged a single staffer personally to state that he had been in the process of posting when the notice was sent. In light of this, that single staffer, without allowing for deliberation from the staff team as a whole, erroneously rescinded the notice.
It is troubling that staff still have not officially addressed the message I sent SOTF_Help.

Look. I only asked this staff member to check help. I have said this time and time again. I already apologized to the staff member in question on an individual basis because I was embarrassed with how I handled the matter. I was upset and frantic and nobody should have to deal with that in the morning. So I'm sorry if that made it seem like I was pressuring them but that is so not the case. If staff honestly do not believe me, if all of the staff members look at the logs that have been posted, and collectively believe I was somehow breaking the rules then I am not sure what else to tell you.

Staff Post
Ciel made his appeal, which did not include details of a medical emergency. The appeal was denied on the basis of consistent inactivity without an away post or other notification to staff.
My argument was mainly about the revoking of the appeal approval, as the explanation was vague and made absolutely no sense to me at the time. Staff error is grounds for immediate appeal of terminal activity. I also felt extremely uncomfortable talking about the real life emergency in question, and I saw no reason to bring it up because I thought I had a case.

Staff Post
A similar communication occurred when his character Jasmine Reed was marked terminal in December, and he was informed that he could post as Away without having to give out full details of the situation.
My grounds for appeal were due to my laptop's keyboard, which broke the evening before the inactivity notice was sent, and that I was posting as all of my characters up until that point. Here are two pictures that I submitted as evidence. As I recall, 'technical errors' are sufficient grounds to appeal. I only mentioned real life circumstances in passing at the time because I felt like I owed staff an explanation for the earlier activity warning and the inactivity leading up to the Christmas holiday. The technical problem was the crux of my argument.

Staff Post
His character Audrey Reyes was marked terminal just two weeks before Scout went terminal, and Ciel made no mention of an emergency in his appeal on Audrey.
Because there was no medical emergency when Audrey went inactive. Why would I mention something that did not occur yet? In truth I did post as Audrey in order to get her and another handler's character out of a dangerzone, and my appeal was mainly concerning the situation Audrey was in at the time.

Staff Post
This pattern of consistent inactivity followed by multiple appeals from Ciel goes back to at least V5.
I was never considered terminally inactive in v5. I was warned once, that's it. You said something similar to this in your official denial of my appeal.

Staff PM
We received appeals in similar context dating back three years ago in V5 that were handled more leniently at your request as special exception.
I sent you a response stating that I did not recall ever receiving special leniency, let alone requesting any. Also, I do not see why something as flaccid as an activity warning that happened three years ago would matter in the grand scheme of things. Lives change in that amount of time. People marry and bear children twiceover in that amount of time.

Overall I am extremely troubled by this response by staff. This breakdown paints me as a moocher, as someone who has been breaking and bending the rules for years, and that does not sit well with me at all. It makes me more sad than mad, honestly. It makes me question everything I have ever done on this forum.

I do not want to sound petty here, or greedy, or ungrateful, posting this. On the contrary, I am extremely grateful for the offer staff is extending. It is an amazing amount of charity on staff's part, and at the very least I'm happy Aura will be able to have some creative freedom with Bart's death.

However, the tone of this post alone and the things that it implies have made me hesitant to even accept this offer on my end.

I'm sorry for being a debbie downer but all of this needed to be said.
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