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((Kimiko Kao continued from I Imagine Death So Much It Feels Just Like A Memory))

Kimiko was lent on the rails of the docks, looking out to sea. The events of the previous two kills played over in her head again and again. Sleep had been a terrifying prospect but she had forced herself to lie down and let it take her. Her reward was a nightmare that was still at the front of her mind. She had been alone in a room she couldn't distinguish any of the details of. She felt sick though and had eventually vomited up some black tar like liquid. It sat on the floor momentarily before a large portion of the mass had started to rise up from the floor until it reached about a persons height then it had started changing into a familiar shape.

She had awoken before she could fully discern who the blackness had been taking the shape of, drenched with sweat and heart pounding. She knew she needed to stay rested, but it was becoming hard to find the will to sleep when she woke up panicking every time.

Her deteriorating mental health worried her. Kimiko didn't know what she could do to fix it. She didn't know if it was fixable. Not after everything that had happened.

Her mind wandered back to Jasmine and Ty. It was the first time she had killed in such a short timespan and it had been a stupid mistake to do so. When the announcements next played she would appear even more dangerous and unhinged. People would have been even less likely to tolerate her presence. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her left hand.

The sea was calm. The wind on the island had settled down so it was easy to appreciate the beauty of the open water. Kimiko didn't know what her next step would be, she felt she needed to go back to hiding out of sight and avoiding people. But she knew from experience now that the plan wasn't has simple as that. She felt the gash above her eye. It still stung when touched, even after she had gone through the correct steps for first aid.

Kimiko let her hand fall back down to the railing, her thoughts returning to Jasmine and Ty. The girl she didn't know and the boy she had killed in cold blood. She knew it wasn't healthy, but she couldn't help herself.
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