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Nate pressed his hands between his knees as he listened to Clarice, considering his response. It was reassuring, he supposed, that there could be someone else who hadn’t been attacked in a few days. That feeling didn’t really hold much water though, not when he reflected back on the announcements that were still running. Still, it was better for Clarice than the alternative.

He winced in sympathy as she prodded her wound, eyeing it up carefully. When Clarice asked for his help, he hesitated, but only for a moment.

He’d never taken any first aid classes or anything, but he did what he could. Carefully, and at her direction, he worked to help change her dressing and tried not to get too nauseous at the sight of the mess underneath, even as corpses bloated in the water around them.

“What happened? If I can ask, I mean.”
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