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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Okay, yeah," Alba said. "Let's do things right."

Alba turned back and looked into the room. She wanted to make sure they didn't leave anything in there. Odds are they'd all start searching for Ty and anyone else they could think of, so it'd be easier if they had everything they needed then. Once she saw the room was clear, she turned to see the guys and begin their morning conference.

Unfortunately, that wouldn't be happening. As Alba turned back to face Brendan, she saw him get hit in the stomach and fall to the ground. She didn't hear a gunshot, but when he hit the ground, her eyes widened. It was an arrow. She quickly looked down the hall.

"Jae!" she muttered at the sight of the assailant.

It was the same as the chapel gardens a few days ago. Jae was there, and she shot Brendan. Unlike last time, Alba was ready for him.

"Jon! Get Brendan!" she shouted as she moved slightly into the hall.

Alba raised the rifle in Jae's direction and screamed. She pulled the trigger, sending a hail of gunfire down the hall. For the first time in her life, Alba fired the rifle with the intention of killing someone. It was horrible to think she had to do this, but she didn't have time to think. Jae shot to kill, and she made Brendan a promise that she intended to keep.
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