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A Delicate Machine
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"This isn't about them!"

Asuka's philosophizing made sense and it even had a certain beauty to it, but it was wrong. Even though nothing good had come yet from Cass getting passionate, from having ideas that needed to be let out into the world before their skin couldn't contain them any longer, they couldn't sit still. Just one more friend to shout away.

"I'm doing this because I want to- because, because I need to and they don't get any fucking credit for anything I make! I'm not trying to defy them, I'm not even going to fucking acknowledge them! If the world was gonna end in a fire or a meteor or a flood I'd be doing the same thing, because I'd rather be fucking dead than not able to do art! And it's my art, okay? It deserves - I deserve more than to just exist to be an overly-elaborate middle finger. There isn't anything beautiful about that!"

Deep breaths. Deep breaths, Cass. None of this is her fault.
a tribute for the dead and dying

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