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((Serena Waters continued from On the Run))

She had run out of the asylum a while ago, terror clear on her face and mind. This entire place was bad, but that buidling... there was something there clearly, ghosts or bad juju or whatever else, it couldn't be that she was losing her mind. No, there was clearly something bad that was going on there. Not her.

She had been forced to detour from her trip to the depot once again. People were on the bridge and her gun was in the bag. There was another thing on her mind though, she didn't want to deal with more people. After Aiden and Matt, she needed a break from it all. She hadn't slept in a day and she was covered in muddy water, blood splatter on her chest from her hand. She needed a place of solitude. Close to the asylum was the coves they had camped days ago. Good place. Calm place. Just where she needed to go.

On the way there she passed the tower. The jeep was gone and so was the sign of anything having happened there except one thing. The broken down mess on front that resembled Aiden. she contiuned her way to the coves. Wasn't safe out in the open anymore.

"Don't worry, he won't get away with it. None of them will." She repeated to herself on the way. A mantra of sorts to keep herself going.

But when she got there, she was dismayed to find someone already there. A girl sitting at the shore eating a bird. Probably got tired of eating the shitty rations they left them. For a second Serena thought of chasing her off, this place was hers, but then she got a closer look at the girl. It was Emma, she hadn't been on the announcements and if what Serena remembered right, was a nice girl. Should just leave her alone.

But then a boy approached her, someone she half hoped not to find for fear of what she would do. But there he was, pointing a gun at the girl like he was used to this by now. Murder and robbery. Thy name was Alessio Rigano.

She sat there and watched for a while, now that she had found him. There was a part of her that still believed the old Alessio was there, somewhere. She shook her head, did it matter if he was? How many was it till now, four, five? Would he stop unless forced to? She couldn't take the chance.

She got the gun out, her gun and made her way over the rocks and to them. "It's been a while Al." She yelled as her gun was pointed at him, finger on the trigger.


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