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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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As Espi brought up, I did actually put in a second appeal. The contents of the pms are not important; I thought I had sufficient grounds to appeal the decision, a family medical emergency that I do not want to discuss further, and clearly staff thought differently.

Ultimately this thread has nothing to do with whether or not my second appeal was granted. Instead, as Riki pointed out, it is about the way staff has dealt with this entire matter. I already came into this thread knowing I probably would probably not be getting Scout back. Staff have been dragging their feet about the matter this entire time, so something in the pit of my chest told me it was going to come down to this. But that changes nothing to me. If I wanted to continue playing as Scout I would shove her into SC2. This is bigger than one character.

( ... Also Aura isn't the only one who is unhappy with the death thread. I wasn't even going to bring up my grievances about it but it feels like people are about as unhappy as I am about it. Bart doesn't even sound like Bart. I just can't imagine him strangling someone. Also, Scout does something that is completely out of character for her to do. Not only would she not go to sleep in the same building as someone else, she's been struggling with insomnia. Also, how the hell do you not reflexively let go of the death grip you have on somebody's throat after getting shot at point-blank range? I know Bart is fat but c'mon, he's not the Hulk, he's not a brick wall. And Scout's gun isn't a semi-automatic, this is a mini-machine gun at as close of a range as you can get. There should be no such thing as a locked door with a gun like that. )
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