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Nate chose to sit closer than what Clarice was comfortable with, given the situation, but it was too much effort to protest. The wariness faded pretty fast. Nate was calm, unarmed and tiny. Even if he wanted to attack her, and despite her weakening state, she was pretty sure nothing could come of it.

Clarice wiped traces of tub water off her face. "Probably. But I ain't finding a doctor here."

Though, come to think of it, when was the last time she'd changed her bandages? It must have been a while, since she couldn't really do it without help. So... Kizi. The last time had been with Kizi.

"Even if you did sound like an idiot, that's pretty low on the shit scale in this dump. And I guess 'not fine-fine' is as good as anyone could expect to be." Clarice looked at Nate, then looked back at the cracks in the aging wall. "I guess ditto on seeing you. Haven't seen many people in the last few days, and the people I have seen... well, I guess no-one's attacked for a while." Clarice didn't offer a proper smile, although maybe she frowned a little less.

Though, truthfully, she'd almost--ALMOST--welcome someone rushing her right now, just so she could do something besides sit and stir. It would be better than everyone leaving so quickly.

She reached up and touched her bad shoulder experimentally, immediately flinching at the contact, before lowering her hand again.

"If you're not squeamish... would y'mind helping me change my bandages?"
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