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Also, what I want to note in my wall of text, is that I don't blame the staffer for having acted that way with Jeff. In fact, the staffer handled things perfectly in the skype chat log. Like Toben said, everything was fine and the only mistake was panicking themselves.

Never change a running system. The skype convo log shows how things were perfectly handled, how things had been handled in the past, how things would work out, and how things would work out in the future. There was no problem. The only problem was the staffer deciding things on their own. Props for calming Ciel down, who was panicking. It's a good way to handle things. I see how relationships played a role in this thing. You wanted to help Ciel. And you acted professionally, as a staffer, to calm him down.

But let me tell you one thing. Pity has no place in this kind of thing. Don't let yourself be manipulated by emotions. I tell you that as a staff member myself. Pity has no place in this thing, you are not an ass for letting Jeff wait until a proper answer comes from the rest of the team, you will not be hated by Jeff for doing your job and denying the appeal if it needs to, and you don't have to panic yourself and get yourself rushy. Seriously, that's a wrong way. When a client panics, you don't panic, too, you don't have to feel it, you have to maintain near - distance, you stay calm, you wait until the issue can be solved. Things need time and having handled it on your own was the problem. It was never the problem of Jeff having approached you, you handled it perfectly. Just rushing and deciding to solve the problem immediately by yourself was unprofessional. Not the being approached. You acted mostly well. There is absolutely no reason to change the way handlers should approach staff.

Some advice, for the future. It's none of your business what staff decides, you're not the handler of Scout, you should not care if Scout dies or not, instead you should care about whether Scout is allowed die or not, you shouldn't have been rooting for Jeff to keep his character. You don't do things for a single handler, you do things for the site. You wanted to give hope, make Jeff happy, but false hope is disastrious as a staffer. But it's alright, we all learn from mistakes. Don't empathise/sympathise in such situations, stay rational. Never pity clients.
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