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There was no use arguing.

Emma stood up with unsteady legs. If he was going to threaten her, it was a good idea to do what he said. There were some hills you just can’t die on, and in this case, it was literal. It wasn’t worth it to stick around, since he made a clear ultimatum. Fire was good, so was food. It was a nice place to stay, but safety was more important.

“Fine. I’ll head out,” she said, her voice still letting uneasiness seep through.

Emma reached down to grab her bag, and slung it over her shoulder. Next was her sword. The entire time, she kept her eyes on Alessio. The gun was now pointed at her. That was only a sign that she needed to leave. There were safer spaces, ones without people.

For a moment, she stopped. A new thought passed through. Was it in any way right to just leave him? He was a killer, and one who would likely kill again. She could do something to make sure he didn’t. If he killed again, would she be to blame? Maybe it was a sense of responsibility that remained. People were ripping each other apart, they were monsters. Every one of them. And here she was, still feeling responsible. But another old feeling came up, one that also didn’t feel good. She tightly closed her eyes for a moment at the thought.

She couldn’t do it.

Emma took a few more steps backwards, her focus still on Alessio. Could she? But she had to ask a question. She felt dumb asking. Not because it was a dumb question, but because her life was on the line right now.

“Oh… before I go… I have a question.”

She hoped that this wouldn’t be the last question she’d ask. It took some effort getting it out, but she did it.

“What’s at the cafeteria?”

Some part of her doubted it was anything good. It could be a trick of some sort. And yet, stupid, stupid her had to ask.

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