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escaping the real world to face reality
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"Mm. Noble, I guess."

Why the 'I guess'? Not letting the game define who you are is a noble enough sentiment, and even if it isn't it's not like Asuka was here to assess that.

"I'd personally like to bleed all over my artwork when I die. Not that I'll be drawing, of course. No sense in making the world uglier than it already is. But if I were drawing, and I were dying...I dunno. Silly performance artsy stuff aside, I kinda like the kind of message that sends. It's like, your art's who you are, right? It's how you express who you are, it's how you show what you find meaningful, how you create meaning, et cetera et cetera. And then the whole thing gets ruined and covered up by blood, because the terrorists had to drown out your meaning with their stupid narrative of violence and struggle for survival. Because they find the idea of kids killing each other to be very very meaningful, or something. Of course, now that I've said that on the record you won't actually have to do it I guess. Message has already been sent."

"Really, the main point of this is so that when you die and don't bleed all over your stuff, it symbolizes how you can still triumph over the terrorists' narrative about you. Or something like that? I dunno. That there ever was a main point to the stuff I said was a retcon on my part."
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