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Jon sat up as Brendan stayed outside, talking to each other. He rubbed his eye, shuddering for a moment as he tried to process what he just woke up from.

He didn't quite understand it. It started out fine, then turned into a nightmare, like what seemed to be the norm at this point. It changed at the end though, something was different, and Jon didn't feel scared. He didn't feel alone. Despite the disturbing visions, they didn't necessarily seem horrifying.

Things were looking up at least. They weren't good by any means, but Jon could come to terms with the fact they weren't. There's no point in being miserable anymore, since it doesn't really help anyone. The best he could do was tough it out until he really knew what the plan was from there...

As they both talked outside, Brendan mentioned trying to fix things. It's... well it's a bit late for that, but there's no point in not trying, so why not?

Jon stared at the floor for a moment, before looking at the two.

"So... disregarding the obvious, are you guys doing okay?"
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