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Nate flinched at Clarice’s response, her demeanour becoming more apparent by the moment. She looked and sounded pretty awful.

He looked around for a tub, but wound up edging onto the one Clarice was sat on. He kept as much distance as he could, perched on the very corner, but it was still a close position to be in. Even though it hadn’t been that long ago since Hazel had cupped his hands, it was a weird feeling to once again be right next to someone who wasn’t talking about killing him. He definitely preferred being here.

Never the less, Clarice's complexion was cause for concern.

“Are you ill? You don’t look so good.” He leaned in a bit closer, trying to get a better view in the dim underground lighting, but it was perfectly obvious what the answer to his question was. He thought for a moment on what he could do to help, then remembered that Clarice had spoken first.

“Oh, sorry. You asked me – Well, um, I’m fine.”

Wow, had he really just said that?

“I mean, all things considered. Not fine fine, but, well…“ he furrowed his brow as he held his tongue and twiddled his fingers, trying to find the words. “It’s nice to see you again, anyway.”

He offered her a bashful, unnatural smile, but it was still more sincere than it would’ve been earlier. It didn’t last long though, not when faced with Clarice’s state.

"Sorry, I probably sound like an idiot, huh."
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