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She learned that in biology class.

When they were learning about the human anatomy, they learned that arteries are tubes part of the circulation system by which blood is conveyed from the heart to the rest of the body. The human circulation system was one of the more interesting part of science class. It was why she wanted to become a doctor then a nurse. She always wondered how the things inside of the human body worked and with that class, a part of the mystery was eluded.

After that class, Dot did some research about it. It kinda made her feel like a blob of blood but that made sense, everyone was a sponge of blood with a thin layer to stop them from spilling it out. What she found about arteries scared her a little: when they were punctured, a spurt of blood started and it didn't take a lot of time for someone to die.

When she saw the blood dripping from the girl's leg, Dorothy wondered what she hit. She didn't have a lot of time to think, however. A voice attacked her and she jumped backed. Her voice was loud and clear. So was her message: Dorothy wasn't wanted here. That made sense: she just stabbed someone that was probably her friend or her ally.

Dorothy took a step back and looked down, blood was still erupting out of her body. She could finish her but the threat of Scene Kid #2 was still there. She had something in her hand, Dorothy saw the weapon but didn't recognize it. It was a weapon from a movie, something you threw and it exploded. The word appeared of nowhere in her mind, it was a grenade. She didn't know what to say so the words came out by themselves.

"Have a nice day."

Dot took another step back, hitting a shelf. Raina wasn't alone anymore, there was another boy but Dorothy still had her eyes on the blue girl. Her eyes scanned the room for an escape. Like a deer frozen in the light of a car, her eyes were wide opened, tensed up, and thinking about the imminent death. Dorothy denied that reality and she ran to the right and slammed the door opened.

((Dorothy left the library of nightmares.))
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